10 Cointreau Recipes You Need to Try

The snow is melting, spring is in sight and here at Drizly a new season means new recipes.  Lucky for us, our friends over at Cointreau mixed up 10 amazing cocktail recipes for you to try as we head into warmer weather. From Margaritas to variations of the Rickey, Cointreau gives each drink a unique (and delicious) twist. So grab a glass and mix yourself one of these delightful recipes just in time to welcome spring.

Berry Margarita

The Berry Margarita is perfect for any season, which works in our favor because we could drink these all year ’round. Between the ripe berries and vibrant colors, this cocktail becomes an irresistible choice at any happy hour (and it tastes pretty great too).
Spicy Margarita

For those warm weather days that can handle a little more heat, this Margarita is sure to spice up any outdoor event.

Cointreau Cucumber Mint Rickey

If you’re looking for a light drink with a punch, the Cucumber Mint Rickey has you covered. The cool cucumber flavor mixed with fresh mint gives the word “refreshing” a whole new meaning.

Cointreau Strawberry Basil Rickey

It doesn’t get much better than Strawberries, Cointreau and the fresh smell of basil. Your eyes don’t deceive you, this cocktail is as delicious as it looks.

The White Lady

As Gin gains momentum in popularity, we can’t get enough of The White Lady. Gin, Cointreau, Lemon juice and Egg make for a particularly corky flavor palette that has us hooked.

Cointreau Original Margarita

Let’s face it, you can’t go wrong with a classic Margarita. The perfect pairing of Tequila and Cointreau gives this drink a perfect balance of refreshing, bold flavors.

Cointreau Rickey

This simply crafted cocktail is the ultimate refreshment to end a long, busy day. Cointreau adds a sweet touch to a typically tart drink, and we can’t get enough of it.


The Seelbach will inspire you to switch things up at your next Wine night. Bubbly, bitters and whiskey combined with Cointreau make for an exciting blend of fun, diverse flavors.


This cocktail may date back to the early 1920’s, but it never goes out of style. The magic combo of Cointreau, Cognac and lemon will have you asking for seconds before you even finish your first.

Cointreau Breeze

The name says it all. The Cointreau Breeze is as refreshing as a light gust of wind on a hot summer day. Whether you’re sitting by the pool or enjoying dinner on the porch, this drink pairs perfectly with any summer activity.

Summer Recipes & More

Boozy Baileys Milkshake

Boozy Baileys Milkshake

  • chocolate

This boozy milkshake blends up a classic summertime treat with Baileys Original Irish Cream, Vanilla Vodka and plenty of Chocolate Ice Cream. This one-of-a-kind adult-approved drink is (almost) better than that feeling you get when you hear the Ice Cream Truck jingle...

Tropical Coconut Margarita

Tropical Coconut Margarita

  • tequila

This tropical coconut margarita is PERFECT for Cinco de Mayo. And it was so so easy to whip up! I love a good tropical margarita on any old day, but this one is especially perfect for my favorite “holiday” on May 5th.