True or False: Drinking on Airplanes Gets You Drunk Faster


The Mythbusters (web) team tackled the popular myth: Is it true that you get drunk faster on airplanes?

From their website:


As our “alcohol expert” Dr. Bhushan Kapur from the University of Toronto, Faculty of Medicine explains, one’s blood alcohol level does not increase in the air. So drinking alcohol on an airplane, as opposed to on the ground, does not lead to greater levels of alcohol in the blood.

What contributes to the misconception that one drink in the air is equal to three on land, could be due to the on-board effects of hypoxia – less oxygenated conditions because of the low pressure environment, and high altitude – which can lead to bodily symptoms similar to intoxication (as less oxygen is circulated to the brain), says Kapur.

They go on to note the way alcohol is consumed up in the air compared to on land may lead to this misconception. People tend to drink larger amounts in shorter time frames when flying.

And now you know.

For the full explanation, click here.

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