Don’t Sound Like a Fool: A Whisky Pronunciation Guide

The Macallan is easy to pronounce, but not all whiskies slide of the tongue with such ease. What about Auchentoshen? Or Laphroaig?

The great Scottish actor, Brian Cox, gives you all the answers in a fantastic series of videos (they aren’t new, but the knowledge is timeless).

Although not a tough one to pronounce because it generally sounds like it is spelled, our favorite whisky, Lagavulin, gets some special love from Mr. Cox. “Works like a depth charge” is exactly right. A delicious, campfire-like depth charge. He also calls it “the Cognac of whiskies,” which we find a bit odd. He must be making some reference to the whisky’s elegance, but Lagavulin is hardly the most elegant scotch (which is why we love it so).

Here’s how not to pronounce Laphroaig:


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