How to Pack a Cooler

Top 3 Tips:

  • Make sure everything you’re packing into the cooler is pre-chilled. Room temp beer will cause ice to melt faster.
  • Pre-cut and prep as much as you can ahead of time. Limes for Coronas? Vegetables for grilling? Making the hamburgers? Doing it in advance means less mess and work later.
  • Pack all food items in airtight, water-proof, reusable plastic containers or plastic zip baggies. Fragile items in baggies should go towards to top so they don’t get squished.


5 Easy Steps:

Step #1: Create a layer of cans and bottles on the bottom of the cooler and add a thin layer of ice. They stack nicely as a base and will stay colder longer underneath everything.


Step #2: Next, add your meats like burgers, hot dogs, and other grillables sealed in water-proof containers and baggies, then add another thin layer of ice.


Step #3: On the top to one side of the cooler place fragile items you don’t want to get squished like pre-cut fruit, pre-made sandwiches, or desserts.


Step #4: On the other side of the cooler add a thin layer of ice then another layer of pre-chilled beer and drinks. We call these the easy-access drinks. The first thing everyone inevitably reaches for is a cold beer. You don’t want them digging through the entire cooler messing up your organization before you’ve had a chance to warm up the grill.


Step #5: Finish by pouring ice over the top and shaking gently to get the ice to settle into open space inside the cooler. Continue the process of pouring ice and shaking until the cooler is completely full. Reducing the amount of airspace means your cooler will stay colder longer!


(Optional Step #6: Brush your shoulder off. You’re a cooler-packing pro.)

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