Haunted Brews to Try This October

Halloween parties are typically stocked with the usual suspects: pumpkin beers and ghoulish cocktails. No Halloween party would be complete without them, but this year we decided to get a little creative with our beer recommendations and take some inspiration from breweries located in some of the most famous “haunted” cities across the US.

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, serving these brews will at least be a good conversation starter at any Halloween party this year.

Salem, Massachusetts

Salem, the site of the notorious Salem Witch Trials during the 17th century, is perhaps the most famous haunted destination in the US. This coastal New England city is a tourist magnet year-round with its historical attractions and guided tours. Popularity of this little town seriously peaks in October for a month-long Halloween celebration of parades, ghost tours, haunted houses, and costume balls.

Notch Session Pils
Far from the Tree Nova Hopped Cider

New Orleans, Louisiana

Between the city’s voodoo culture, famous cemeteries and one of the biggest annual Halloween festivals in the country, there’s no denying that New Orleans has plenty to offer for any ghost hunting enthusiast. Haunted history buffs and fans of American Horror Story also know New Orleans as the home of the LaLaurie Mansion, where you can still visit to learn about one of the most infamous inhabitants of the city.

NOLA Blonde Ale
Abita Amber

Chicago, Illinois

If you’re a crime history buff, look no further than Chicago to get your mobster and serial killer fix. Gruesome stories about Al Capone, the Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre, H.H. Holmes and John Wayne Gacy, Jr. have inspired plenty of ghost tours and haunted history books.

Goose Island Oktoberfest
Revolution Brewing Anti-Hero IPA

San Francisco, California

San Francisco is home to many places thought to be haunted, chief among them Alcatraz, the famed prison island, where visitors claim they see ghosts and hear chains rattling. Other San Francisco haunts include the San Francisco Art Institute and Manrow’s House, nicknamed “the House of the Demons.”

21st Amendment Fireside Chat
Anchor Steam Beer

Happy haunting friends!

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