Crystal Head Vodka

Q: What Would Crystal Head Vodka Look Like as a Person? A: Freaky

When I was younger, Dan Aykroyd always seemed to be around. It was probably the weekly viewings of Ghostbusters, but that lovable Canadian had a real outsized role as a star among the entertainment choices of my childhood. There was both Ghostbusters, of course, and Blues Brothers, and Dragnet, and The Great Outdoors, and Spies Like Us, and even the pretty terrible Nothing But Trouble. I loved Aykroyd and his movies.

Aykroyd hasn’t made many movies in the past decade, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t been busy. He’s the creator of a newer liquor brand with possibly the most iconic bottle design that can be found in any store. It’s the macabre favorite: Crystal Head Vodka.

The bottle is based on an accurate human skull, and recently some forensic artists set out to put a face to the skull bottle. The results are undoubtedly human, but also a little bit unsettling.

Check out the grin that will haunt your dreams.

Crystal Head Vodka Forensic

Image Source: CHV Facebook.

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