3 Low-Calorie Drinks You’ll Love

Don’t let a new diet sabotage your Sunday brunch plans or an after-work happy hour with friends. We all know those too severe resolutions are the ones that end badly, and by that we mean, the ones you can’t keep for more than a few weeks. Take a different approach, why not switch it up with some low-cal cocktail alternatives?

We talked to three health and fitness professionals from across to country to give us some tips and tricks on how to get healthy without cutting out a good cocktail. Armed with their advice we mixed up three new low-calorie drinks that taste pretty damn good.


The Carrotini is a healthy standout when it comes to flavored martinis, and it makes for a delicious brunch cocktail. Not to mention the delightful combination of vodka and lemon never fails to take your tastebuds to their happiest place. The sweetness of the carrot ginger orange juice is well-balanced by the unique spa-infused vodka. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a health-conscious drink that reminds you of a day at the spa?

We caught up with Vanessa Martin, founder of NYC’s hottest fitness concierge company SIN Workout, to get her take on staying healthy in one of the country’s top brunch cities. “I always advise clients to order a glass of water (sparkling with a lime is my preference) in addition to their cocktail. It slows your drinking pace down and keeps you hydrated.” She approves of these low cal, low sugar cocktails and says if you’re not a mixed drink person give Brancott Estate’s Flight Song wine a try, it has 20% less calories than most other white wines.



Honestly, you can’t go wrong with a tasty, guilt-free cocktail that weighs in just under 120 calories. If you like tequila and clean-eating, this drink is the perfect one for you. Cayenne is a little bit of an unsung hero when it comes to fresh juices or green smoothies, and the spice doesn’t fail to deliver in our recipe for the Cleanse-a-rita. Beth Warren, registered nutritionist and author of the book: Living a Real Life with Real Food, is all about ditching the sugar in a regular margaritas. “Decreasing the amount of sugar in an alcoholic drink is most of the battle if you are watching your total calories. Adding lime or any citrus fruit tastes great and will help give a boost of vitamin C and antioxidants.”  You heard it here, this awesome cocktail with the detoxifying natures of the lemon and cayenne make it a perfect choice for happy hour.


Winter Citrus Swizzle

As far as flavor profiles go, it doesn’t get much better than rosemary and citrus. The Winter Citrus Swizzle is bursting with flavor from the fresh rosemary and ruby red vodka combination. “The more fresh your ingredients, the less you need to rely on processed elements to flavor your drink,” says Ariane Resnick, a certified nutritionist,  private chef, and author of health book: The Bone Broth Miracle. When we asked Ariane if we should start declining social invites if we’re trying to get healthy she said “NO! Who wants to live a sad life free of socializing?!?” (She’s clearly our kind of girl.) “Choose your drinks more wisely, stick to simpler drinks with fewer ingredients and plan your day accordingly, by choosing a healthier meal and snack options to compensate for a night out with friends.”

This pretty cocktail is as simple as they come, and if you want it just add the rosemary simple syrup sparingly until it suits your palate. If you want to skip the simple syrup all together try bitters to add flavor instead. They are big on flavor and have fewer calories than sugar.


Not a cocktail-lover? Check out our 6 Light Beers That Actually Taste Good for an alternative low-cal beverage.

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