16 Wine Terms Explained in Plain English

16 Wine Terms Explained in Plain English

16 Wine Terms Explained in Plain English

Any casual wine drinker can tell you the frustration of interpreting advice on wines from an enthusiast. An understanding of wine comes with a whole lot of jargon that can be intimidating to someone just starting out. To get us all speaking the same language, VinePair has broken down 16 wine phrases into plain english.

Pop and Pour – The wine is ready to drink right out of the bottle. No need to decant, it drinks incredibly well the minute you pop the cork.

This bottle is a true “pop and pour,” perfect for a party.

Lay It Down – No you’re not putting the wine down for a nap, this means it’s a bottle you want to age.

This is a great bottle, but I’d lay it down for a bit because it will definitely get better.

Let It Breathe – If you let the wine decant, the tannins should soften and it will open up.

We should let the bottle breathe before drinking it.

Blow Off – Sometimes when you first open a bottle, there can be odd smells of sulfur and other gaseous odors that dissipate once you let the wine sit in the glass for a few minutes. This can also be said when the wine seems to be high in alcohol.

This wine tastes delicious, but I think we need to let it blow off first.

Find the full list over at VinePair.

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