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Save & Splurge: 15 Drams for Dad

Trying to figure out the perfect gift for dad? Well you’re in luck, because Top Shelf Blogger, The Whiskey Jug has put together a top-notch list of whiskies your pops will love. If you’re looking to win son or daughter of the year award – this is a good start. Check out his dad-friendly whiskey recommendations below to snag the ultimate gift.


Father’s days is coming up quickly and to join the fray of “what to get for Dad” style of posts I’ve put together a list of whiskeys, sitting at 3 different budget levels, I think I’d enjoy drinking with my own dad. The 15 whiskies I’d recommend picking up for the  casual drinking father figure or husband in your life.

Why the casual drinker? Because if your dad or husband is a whisk(e)y nerd then you’ve probably heard him go on-and-on about what he does and doesn’t like and you don’t really need a guide like this. If he’s anything like me he’s on a first name basis with the folks at his favorite bottle shop and you already have a great resource at hand. For the non-nerdy whiskey drinkin’ Dads I’ve broken my recommendations into 3 groups.  <$40, $41 – $60 and $80+. Hope this helps send you in the right direction.


Whiskey for Dad, $40 or under


George Dickel 12

George Dickel 12 ($25)

Whiskey Jug Review

Want to get Dad something a little different than he might be used to drinking, but will still leave a good impression? Then get him this. The George Dickel No. 12 is a Tennessee Whiskey (cousin to bourbon) that sits on the sweeter side of the scale, but carries a complexity far above its price. I love this whiskey and I think your dad will too.


Johnny Walker Black ($30)

Whiskey Jug Review

If Pops is a “classic” kind of guy then grab a bottle of this and share it over dinner or make him a scotch and soda have a chat. We all know alcohol can loosen lips and if you’re not careful some good advice can often slip out. So pour a round or three for you and your Dad and revel in his years of experience at surviving on this planet.


Russell’s Reserve 10 yr SMB ($40)

Whiskey Jug Review

Does Dad like bourbon? Get him this. Does Dad like Wild Turkey? Get. Him. This. Russell’s Reserve is the premium line of Wild Turkey and everything they put out under this label is just fantastic. Should I end up with kids of my own someday I’d be a happy Papa to unwrap one of these or anything else from the Russell’s line.


Eagle Rare ($30)

Whiskey Jug Review

This is still one of the best values around in the whiskey world and if your dad does’t like the spicy bit of Wild Turkey, but still likes bourbon, get him one of these. To make it extra special see if one of your local stores carries a store-selected single barrel of it. That will make it a unique experience that can’t be duplicated again.


Four Roses SMB ($40)

Whiskey Jug Review

Who says you can’t get your Dad flowers? If you’re looking to go all out you could pick up one of these, a Four Roses Single Barrel and a Four Roses Yellow Label and give your dad the best smelling, and best tasting, dozen roses known to man.


Jameson Caskmates Stout ($40) 

Whiskey Jug Review

If Dear Old Dad is a beer guy who also likes whiskey, especially Irish Whiskey, then snagging a bottle of this will be a home run and a touch down all rolled into one. Don’t like sports analogies? Well then think of along the lines of getting the biggest thumbs-up you’ve ever gotten from your dad because he’s so proud he doesn’t know what else to do.


Whiskey for Dad, $41-$60


Knob Creek Single Barrel ($45) 

Whiskey Jug Review

Single barrels are a bit like gambling, though in the case of bourbon the odds are stacked in your favor. It is possible to get a dud, I know I have, but by and large single barrel whiskies are awesome. If Dad likes big oaky bourbons or Jim Beam then this is definitely the way to go.


Green Spot ($50) 

Whiskey Jug Review

It doesn’t even matter if Pops drinks Irish Whiskey because this could very well convert him to being a single pot still fan overnight. If you want to impress dad by getting him something that looks great and tastes even better then snag a bottle and enjoy it together.


Eagan’s Irish Single Malt ($50) 

Whiskey Jug Review

This one is for all the Dads that are Irish Whiskey fans. If your dad is a Jameson or Bushmills kind of guy and you want to step it up to something new and awesome to expand his whiskey experience then seek out one of these.



Criagellachie 13 ($55) 

Whiskey Jug Review

I’ve become a big fan of Craigellachie over the last couple years and I’ve been turning more and more people on to this Scotch. Most have approached it with trepidation only to look up where they can buy a bottle after trying it. Definitely a fun and interesting whisky, just make sure he shares it with you.


Royal Brackla 12 ($60) 

Whiskey Jug Review

Think dad deserves the royal treatment? Not only does this bottle look impressive, but it tastes impressive as well. It does need a bit of time to open after you pour a glass, but after a few minutes it unleashes a warm rich character that demands to be shared.


Kilchoman Machir Bay ($60)

Whiskey Jug Review

If Dad drinks smoky scotch like Ardbeg, Laphroaig or Lagavulin then reach for this. It’ll be something new and interesting for him to try but will pack a peaty punch that’s right in his wheelhouse. 



Whiskey for Dad, $80 or more



High West Yippee Ki-Yay ($80) 

Whiskey Jug Review

You might have to do a bit of searching for this one, but it’ll be worth the time it takes to find one. This limited release from High West is a rye whiskey lovers sweet and spicy dream come true.

Laphroaig Lore ($125) 

Whiskey Jug Review

Dad’s been good to you right? You wouldn’t be reading this, looking for a gift for him, if he hasn’t been so why not splurge a bit and get your dad something that’s going to knock his socks off. This big smoky scotch is one of my favorite peated drams of 2016 and is currently the top contender for my peated Scotch of the year.


Bushmill’s 21 ($130)

Whiskey Jug Review

All around, this is one of my favorite whiskeys. It has fruit driven complexity that lasts for days and carries an inviting character that’s like being wrapped in the biggest, warmest and best smelling blanket you’ve ever been in.

Honestly, I could have listed another 30 or 40 whiskies that would be great gifts so if after reading this you’re still unsure about what to get him the best thing to do is just ask. Have a chat with your old man about what he likes, what his favorite brands are, and then go shopping. It’s really that easy.




Top Shelf Blogger, Josh Peters is a Los Angeles based whiskey blogger at The Whiskey Jug who spends an absurd amount of time reading, writing and talking about whisk(e)y of every variety. When he’s not at a tasting or club meeting he can be found either guzzling green tea in a L.A. coffee shop, hanging out in a museum or relaxing at home with his 2 dogs.

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